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Reference and Education


How To Clean your Jewelry At Home Effectively and Conveniently?

How To Clean your Jewelry At Home Effectively and Conveniently?

Gemstones and gold are very expensive and thus the jewelry made of these has to be maintained over a period of time so that it looks new and does not look its sheen. The jewelry carries a lot of importance in our life. One of the main problems with the jewellery is their proper maintenance. Only if the jewel is clean and polished it looks beautiful every time. But for this purpose it is not ... More »


Tips for Balancing Work and Social Life

Tips for Balancing Work and Social Life

Balancing Work and Social Life Nowadays life has become so much busy that people mostly seems to be complaining that they don’t find time for their social life, this decrease of social activities can lead us to the age when people will become completely machines and the emotions feelings and sharing of social network will end. Everyone should try to keep himself away from the above me... More »


Tips To Get Rid Of Unwanted Thoughts

Unwanted Thoughts The human mind is one of those uncontrolled organ of our body which thinks of many different things in a day either we want to think or not. Have you ever considered that how the unwanted thoughts are created in your mind and why can’t you control them for occurring in your mind. The unwanted thoughts or we can say the meaningless thoughts are sometimes really annoyi... More »


How to Synchronize Outlook in Blackberry Handsets

How to Synchronize Outlook in Blackberry Handsets

Blackberry Handsets Blackberry is one of the most fantastic business mobile phone and this fact is not unknown from any person but many people finds it hard to Synchronize their handsets and this is mainly because they don’t know the actual procedures. Synchronizing some useful application especially outlook is not a big deal but you are required to follow the correct and standard pro... More »



BECOMING A GOOD TEACHER Teachers are thought to be the spiritual parents and they have been provided due respect in any nation but now days people thought of teaching to be just like any other profession and they perform this work just like any other job, this is really bad exercise because by this students can’t get the true knowledge as the teachers have been given this responsibility to b... More »