How to Gracefully Quit Your Job

Gracefully Quit Your Job

On the passage of your career you come across many ups and downs, sometimes you faces such bad times that the world seems impossible but on the other side, sometimes God opens the doors of opportunities completely upon you and you feel like the luckiest person of the earth. So what to do as being a lucky man especially when you have many options to select in your life? Attitude really counts and it’s your attitude during good times that is going to help you in bad times and you should never forget this fact those good and bad times comes side by side so never forget to plan for the bad ones when you are happy.

Let’s discuss these times in the job’s life of a person, nowadays everyone has made it a habit to quit one job and go for some other in the passage of reaching the dream job. The resignation of a job should always be done in such a nice way that if ever in your life you have to come back to those people for some work then they will have same respect for you. Regardless of the reason for which you are quitting the job, the resignation should not involve any negative things in it and you have to show grace in this regard.

Here I am going to discuss some tips that will help you in quitting a job gracefully and attain a respectable status throughout your career.

  • The most foolish way to quit a job is that when you heard of some better job and without even getting a new job confirmation letter you quit the previous job. The world is not so easy as it seems, even if you think that you have 100% chances of getting a better job, wait until the new job gets confirmed fully and then leave the previous job.
  • Now comes the resignation letter, people usually shows their foolish side on the resignation letter but it’s horrible on the part of a professional life. Leave a place with dignity and grace, make you resignation letter professional and brief. Even if you have lots of harsh memories of your boss still there is no need for negativities and taunts in the resignation letter.
  • Calculate all your benefits that might be left in the previous office, they may be the earned vacation or sick days of the year and they can make you earn a good money at the time of leaving your job. If you’ll not claim for them, nobody is so good to offer them to you at the time when you are leaving.
  • Before discussing your plans of quitting the job with some colleague, you must first let your boss know about it as it’s a matter of trust and respect. You might also need a reference letter of your previous job at any stage of your career so never spoil the relationship with your boss.
  • While leaving clear out all your personal stuff that is present in your office, delete your stuff from the computer on which you have worked. Removing your personal information from the computer will give you this assurance that no one is going to misuse your personal information in your absence.

These were some tips that may help you in quitting the job in a graceful manner, when it comes to your professional life then a little negativity can stay with you throughout your career so be dignified and win the world.

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