How to improve English Vocabulary

Improve English Vocabulary

To be a good writer is an aim of many people but a main hurdle which comes lots of time in this path is the weakness of vocabulary, in our educational career we had started learning English right from the first class but still being a foreign language it gives hard time to many people worldwide. Though we had become aware of English in our childhood but still lack of too much interest in this language makes it’s foreign for us for our life and as a result we got the complaints of weak vocabulary. Improving the vocabulary is not a very tough task but its requires attentions and if you are destined to overcome the weakness of vocabulary only then you can be the expert.

  • The vocabulary trees are very helpful for building up strong vocabulary, once you’ll start building up vocabulary trees, may be you’ll find some difficulty in the beginning but in short time you’ll get use to it. And when you’ll understand how to handle the vocabulary tree then you’ll experience a good change in your vocabulary.
  • There are many word twist games that have been especially designed to empower the vocabulary i.e. WonderWord, Letter Rip, Hang a Roo and others, you can select any game which you like and playing that game daily will also have a strong impact on your vocabulary and you’ll notice that when you’ll write next time.
  • Reading the stuff of your choice in English language can also prove to be quite helpful for enhancing your vocabulary, while reading if you come across difficult words then don’t just skip them, consult some dictionary and find the actual meaning of that words. This way will make you more aware of the new words and thus your vocabulary will be improved.
  • There are lots of visual English dictionaries available in the market, buying such dictionary is more effective than the normal dictionary because it gives you pictorial description of a word and that helps in remembering that words for a long time.
  • Some people also suggest that reading a part of some authenticated dictionary in your free time is very affective for stronger vocabulary. Don’t just read the words and their meaning but go deep into the structure of each word.
  • There are many word formation charts available that are especially designed to enhance the vocabulary, in the English language test like TOEFL the word formation is checked as a key testing element for language proficiency. So you should make yourself aware of these charts if you want a strong vocabulary.

These were some of the tips that will help you in enhancing you vocabulary and mastering the English language no matter it is your foreign language.

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