Guide to Digital Safety

Do you think that you have done your job by controlling what your children see and don’t see on the television and the net ?  If so , then its time that you to log on to cox teen summit or join the dialogue on Twitter using the hash tag  #cox4teensafety to know about the discussions held at the  5th Annual Cox Teen Summit which was conducted by the Cox Communication and the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children ( NCMEC). The Summit focused on Digital Reputations Management which included issues regarding online safety on the 15th of June in Washington , D.C.. It brought together teens from across the country to discuss a wide range of online safety issues including cyberbulling, sexting and the potential long-term impact of social media posts on the digital reputation. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is a national clearing house that examines cybercrimes and Internet child pornography for the Government.

The discussion at the event was lead by guest panellist and well-known social media expert , James Andrews along with “ America’s Most Wanted” host and children’s advocate John Walsh. The Cox Teen Summit discussion focused on what do your online posts and pictures really say about you. In conjunction with the Summit , Cox and NCMEC  released the results of their annual survey during the event that showcased the key changes and trends in the online behaviour of teens over the past five years. The last survey paid particular interest to teen’s comprehension of the potential long-term consequences of social media communications for their digital reputation. The results revealed that 85 percent of teens now have mobile phones, 85 percent now have a social network profile and about 30 percent are not concerned and do not think there will be consequences for what they post online and about 50 percent don’t really screen who looks at their profile – meaning they have never met the people who are looking at their posts.

This initiative of The National Teen Summit on online safety issues is a part of the  Coxs Communication’s  ‘ Take Charge !’ initiative which helps not only the preteens  and teens but also their parents and guardians to make smarter media decisions. With over 6 million customers and over 22,000 employees, Cox is known as one of the best in business for its commitment to diversity and overall corporate strategy!

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