Improving learning conditions – agenda for Bounty

Nothing is too little where it comes to charity and volunteer work, and this is definitely something that the Bounty group proved to America during this year’s National Volunteer Week, where they continued on their quest of the “Make a Clean Difference” on June 4th in Los Angeles. This is an initiative that was indeed begun by Bounty as a group itself, but when it works they make sure that they are able to arrange for some local volunteers as well. Here in Los Angeles, where on June 4th they worked at Kingsley Elementary school, they had the help of several local volunteers from the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and also volunteers from the HandsOn Network as well. However, they were not the only ones to chip in, celebrity couple Jennie Barth and her husband Peter Facinelli also helped and in fact acted as the leaders of the local group that were volunteering there.

This “Make a Clean Difference” program by Bounty is one that concentrates on improving the educational environment and the learning experience for kids in public schools in the country. They have begun the project with thirty such schools in mind across ten different cities. The group along with the help of Facinelli and Barth as well as other volunteers volunteered at Kingsley Elementary School on June 4th, and also Aragon Elementary and Loreto Elementary on June 12th in Los Angeles.

The volunteers helped out in any way that they could to improve the learning conditions in the school. They applied fresh coats of paint to the walls of the classrooms and did their best to improve the gardening and outdoors look as well which of course included the planting of new flowers as well. In order to keep reminding the students of the school about the importance of creativity in learning, the Rush Philanthropic Arts foundation have also built a special mural in the school that is going to continue to remain there as a constant reminder to the students.

All the volunteers indeed did a terrific job at the schools in Los Angeles, a great example to set for the National Volunteer Week.

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