Oral-B Crusade across America

When was the last time you went for dental checkup? If you ask this same question to your friends you will find that most of them will simply ignore it or answer that they don’t remember because majority of the person never take their dental problems seriously. The trend of oral care is same over the world and majority of the global population never really care if they have cavities or plaque problem unless they become inconvenience to them. However, we should quickly change this careless attitude because neglecting oral care can complicate matters in the future.

Oral-B and Crest have now decided that they will bring some changes in the minds of the people in America and make them aware that oral care is equally important for good health. Hence, they have decided to launch their new 4X Cleaner Crusade that will go across American states and educate people about how they can take better care of their teeth and gums without doing anything extra. The crusade will also promote the new Crest plaque reduction products along with Oral-B Pro health system that is already available in the market. The crusade will provide a good platform for the people to see their oral problems for themselves which is something very rare.

Normally, people feel that they have oral problems when they have pain in their teeth and gums but the crusade will have some latest technology like digital plaque imaging system that will allow people to take a closer look at the amount of plaque they are carrying at all time in their mouth. This will make people aware that brushing with their anti-cavity toothpaste is not enough to handle their oral problems. The new Oral-B Pro health system is four times better than any dental care product available in the market.

The crusade will go through Philadelphia and St. Louis as both these cities were rated as the worst-teeth cities in the survey done by Men’s health magazine. The crusade will have Dr. Robert Gerlach, public health dentist that will educate the people of America about how they can take better care of their mouth.

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