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How to Enjoy Summer in the Office – by Wrike project management software

Infographic brought to you by Wrike software to track projects ... More »


The Best Ways of Dealing With a Power Cut at Home

The Best Ways of Dealing With a Power Cut at Home

There are a lot of annoying things we have to get to grips with in our lives. And power cuts are one of the most infuriating. But, if you know how to deal with them they are considerably less inconvenient and annoying. So, check out this guide to find out the best ways of dealing with a power cut at home. Best Ways Of Dealing: Image by i.ytimg: 1) Have a Procedure: The best thing to ... More »


5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Going Under The Knife

Whatever your thoughts on getting cosmetic surgery, one this is for sure. It does have the ability to boost confidence and make the recipient feel good about what they see in the mirror. With stars like Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian openly admitting to having work done, it seems it’s no longer taboo to go under the knife. It’s also becoming more accessible with surgeries offering payment p... More »


3 Important Tips to Manage Your Home Finances Using Short Term Loans

3 Important Tips to Manage Your Home Finances Using Short Term Loans

While we make sure that we save enough money for emergency situations short term financial difficulties can still disrupt our regular lifestyle. Millions across the globe take loans that can help them out of their financial woes immediately, but it is important that you take the right type of loans that you can repay and ensure that your life is not affected by it. Short term loans are usually ... More »


A Small Accident Could Be Catastrophic For Your Health

Image by Pexels: Do you take enough care of your body? You might eat right, sleep well and exercise regularly. But are you wary of an small accident you could face at any stage in your life. You might step out on to the road at the exact wrong time. Or, you could slip on a wet floor. You might think that the chance of this happening is quite small. But here’s a worrying fact. Spinal cord i... More »