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Author's Archive


Tips to Choose Motorcycle Accessories

If you are like most passionate motorcycle owners, you cannot resist getting the hottest and trendiest accessories for your bike every now and then. But these accessories don’t come cheap and you need to be sure that you are getting the best value for your buck. Here are some simple tips to follow when choosing your next motorcycle accessories. If you follow these five practical tips, you’... More »


Survival of the Fittest

As Christmas draws near so does the party season and all its food, drinks, late nights and lazy days. But as your social calendar goes into overdrive, it can feel like your healthy regime is going out the window. Annie Kirwan, Pilates and yoga instructor and lululemon ambassador, gives Brown Thomas her top tips to stay sane and healthy through the festivities... My number one festive tip is ... More »


Read On If You Want Your New Business To Make It

If you’ve just started a new business, whether it’s one of many or your very first, then congratulations. This is the biggest step on your journey. Having the courage and entrepreneurial determination to take on such a big task says a lot about your character from the word “go”. Of course, having the passion to start a business is all well and good when it comes to getting your idea off... More »


True Entrepreneurs Don’t Let IT Bother Them

In the business world that we live in, two things are king: the consumer and technology. Both are equally as important, and both can make or break a business and its entrepreneurial owner. But it is technology that this article is set to deal with, particularly IT and the problems IT can cause. But if you’re a true entrepreneur, you wouldn’t let IT bother you or your business at all. How... More »


Not Getting Your Business Loan? Here’s Why!

If you’ve been refused a business loan, you won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last. It can be really frustrating when you’ve been planning your business expansion and getting excited about innovative ideas just for the bank to decline your application. But sadly, banks are more cautious than ever about who they lend money to, which often means business owners are under t... More »