Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

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In the contemporary world, the curiosity about digital photography has been increasing for the past few decades due to the advancement in the camera technology. Any birthday party, a wedding function or any formal business occasions never get deprived of photography, because folks want to capture each and every good moment in photobooks for futuristic memories. Basic photography everyone knows, but if you want to learn digital photography then you have to follow some tips to give more exposure to your photography.

  1. Learn basic rules so you can break it with your hand on experience

Basic rules of photography play a vital role in providing a foundation for extra advanced photography tricks. When you achieve the level of creative control in it, you can easily break the rules with your experience.

  1. Learn to use the exposure triangle

Improperly exposed or blurry picture always becomes a cause of disappointments. To make your pictures the best in terms of exposure and overall appearance, you require to master in the three basics such as; Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. You will also have to understand the relationships between these three controls to give more exposure and focus in framing the shot.

  1. Stay focused on eyes and always be ready

Whenever you take any portrait picture at any aperture, always make sure you nail the focus on the eyes. As long as the eyes are in focal point, both you and your subject are more probable to consider the photo to be properly shot. Besides it, be prepared to snap a shot and always keep your camera on fully automatic mode for taking unexpected pictures that your subject flies, drives, or runs away. You may also switch back to your preferred mode whenever you want to adjust for a stationary subject. Many times, you will have nanoseconds to capture a great shot.

  1. Avoid Camera Shake

Camera shake can make a picture unusable. To avoid the camera shake, you need to learn how to hold the camera properly. Use both your hands, one around the body and another around the lens and also hold the camera near to your body for support.

  1. Photograph what you love

To make your photography more enjoyable, you should focus on what you love. If you are enthusiastic about nature, folks, pets, or something else utterly, begin learning by taking pictures of it. This will help to keep your interest in photography and let you conquer learning obstacles without breaking a sweat.

  1. Create a Sense of Depth

While taking landscape pictures, it really helps to create a sense of depth or make the spectators feel like they are there. For a panoramic view, a wide-angle lens can be used and a small aperture to keep the foreground and background sharp. Placing an object in the foreground helps to provide a sense of scale and highlights how far away the distance is.

  1. Use Simple Backgrounds

The simple approach is generally the best in digital photography to avoid background distraction. You can either choose or neutral colors and simple patterns to draw the focal point of the photo rather than a patch of colors in the background.

  1. Don’t Use Flash Indoors

Flash can appear harsh and abnormal for indoor photography. Thus, there are diverse ways to take an image indoors without resorting to flash. You can push the ISO up – generally from 800 to 1600 will make a huge difference and is also a great method to avoid blur.

  1. Use a prime lens for more creativity

Use a prime lens instead of fixed lens because these are generally faster and are not confined to opening limitations at different focal lengths.

  1. Use the rule of third for balanced photography

 This rule always helps in taking eye-catching pictures because it is one of the most effective rules of composition. For best consequences, visually break down the photo in nine equal rectangles into a grid and place your subject off-center at one of the intersecting points for a natural look.

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