Tips for Pedicure

The winter season is very hard for your skin and the skin requires special nourishment for the winters otherwise it looks drastically dry and dead. Most of the ladies stop their winter care for skin on their face and hands but to look perfectly beautiful you have to pay attention to your feet as well, as according to medical experts maintaining clean and healthy feet helps in maintaining a healthy body.

Photo by starush
Photo by starush

Don’t worry if you want to beatify your feet and giving them a professional pedicure by staying at home, this article will guide you for the professional pedicure treatment by staying at home, you are just required to take some spare time from your routine for your feet. The step by step procedure for pedicure has been discussed below.

  1. First of all remove the nail polish from your nails and always try to apply nail polish remover in the circular motion. Avoid using acetone as it can harshly affect your nails. Then cut the nails according to required size and the toenails need to be filled for smooth edges.
  2. Then fill a pot with soapy warm water and then cover your feet for about 10 minutes with that water. And after that remember when you’ll be working on one foot the other one should be soaked in warm water.
  3. Wet the pumice stone into the water and rub your feet gently with the pumice stone especially over the areas with dry or flaking skin. Rinse the foot and then dry them with some soft towel.
  4. Apply cuticle lotion to the end of toenails and massage over the feet gently and take care to cover all the areas of your feet. Try to massage the lotion up your legs to your knees. Close your eyes and then relax for 10 minutes
  5. Apply the cotton ball to remove the residue of lotion from your feet.
  6. Press the toe separator between the toes and then apply 1 coat of base coat over the nails and allow it to dry and then apply 2 coats of nail color and then allow it to dry as well.
  7. After completely drying the nail polish removes the toe separators and then if you are still staying at home than wear a pair of warm socks.

This entire procedure will take no more than an hour but it will give your feet a very beautiful shine and care for the chilling season of winter.

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