SceneNavi – A New Way to Discover

Socialization over the Internet is everything nowadays. With so many social networks and different platforms available, it’s important to remember to go out and actually meet with people every once in a while. The world is teeming with activity and there are so many different places and opportunities that sometimes, it’s not so easy to choose the right one. If only there was a fast way to discover all the cool places near you and quickly decide which one to go to, and maybe even find someone to go with you…

As it turns out, there is a way, and it’s coming straight from Scenester, Inc. If you have ever thought that the best thing would be to have an app that can show you all the best places such as cinemas, diners and restaurants, bars and clubs in your surroundings while at the same time allowing you to find all the best people as well, you’ll find Scenester’s SceneNavi app incredibly useful.


SceneNavi has fantastic and innovative features that allow its users to navigate the scene around them and find a perfect place for a meal, a relaxing drink or a great night out clubbing. Users are able to see all the places available in their proximity and find out more about them before deciding whether to go there or not. They are able to read the reviews and view the rating left by other users who’ve been at that place before, and even watch videos from that place to get a feel of the atmosphere without actually going.

One possible scenario would involve a user sitting at home and looking for a good party to go to. After they’ve found a club they like, they can watch live videos from the club streamed by other SceneNavi users who are currently there, and they can know exactly if the club is worth going to or if going there will just mean a boring and tiring night. This is enabled thanks to a Snapchat integration that allows SceneNavi users to stream live videos.

Once the user has found a club to go to, they may also want to find someone to keep them company. SceneNavi enables them to find other users who are also looking for someone to go out with them. They can then connect with each other, meet and have a great time together. This system will work in any other case as well – you may want to find someone to have a drink or see a movie with you, or you may just want to meet someone who has similar interests. This is exactly what SceneNavi is offering.

Before blindly agreeing to meet someone, users can read the reviews on their profile left by those who’ve already met them. This way, no matter who you choose to meet, you’ll have some insight into who they are and if you can expect to have a good time together.

So what’s the first step? Create an account. Or don’t – it’s completely optional. You can use the app completely anonymously. So start exploring with SceneNavi, and see where it leads you!

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