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Archive for June, 2010


Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Jewelry Care Jewelry is something that women always keep close to her and when it is some precious metal or pearl then the care multiplies to more than double.  The wedding jewelry is one of the most expensive item of any marriage especially in the Asian region and that deserves to be kept in safe hands otherwise the loss could be quite big. There is no doubt in the fact that caring yo... More »


Tips for Online Interview

Online Interview Nowadays trend of outsourcing is very common in every industry, this phenomenon refers to the contract with some third party which is mainly performed from the developing countries. While doing a job in another country, people feels a little comfort and ease because they have to work from home but it’s not actually that heaven which the people sees. Just like an onlin... More »


Guide to Digital Safety

Do you think that you have done your job by controlling what your children see and don’t see on the television and the net ?  If so , then its time that you to log on to cox teen summit or join the dialogue on Twitter using the hash tag  #cox4teensafety to know about the discussions held at the  5th Annual Cox Teen Summit which was conducted by the Cox Communication and the National Centre... More »


Improving learning conditions – agenda for Bounty

Nothing is too little where it comes to charity and volunteer work, and this is definitely something that the Bounty group proved to America during this year’s National Volunteer Week, where they continued on their quest of the “Make a Clean Difference” on June 4th in Los Angeles. This is an initiative that was indeed begun by Bounty as a group itself, but when it works they make sure tha... More »


Tips To Write an Email for a Job

Tips To Write an Email for a Job

Write an Email One of the most popular ways for searching jobs is the internet as it carries information from all along the world and another great benefit is that the person can personalize his search according to his specifications and thus get the more accurate results. While searching for the job online the thing which deserves the maximum importance is your email that you are supposed to ... More »