Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Jewelry Care

Jewelry is something that women always keep close to her and when it is some precious metal or pearl then the care multiplies to more than double.  The wedding jewelry is one of the most expensive item of any marriage especially in the Asian region and that deserves to be kept in safe hands otherwise the loss could be quite big.

Photo by Todd Klassy

There is no doubt in the fact that caring your marriage jewelry is almost similar to investing for it as the jewelry is something that can be passed on to generations. If you want to be the object of admiration in any event because of your sparkling jewelry then you has to perform certain cares for it, here I am going to give you some tips regarding that matter.

  • Always try to keep your Jewelry clean and protected against the dust particles with some soft cloth or cotton pad, many experts suggests to use a washing powder solution for cleaning the gold Jewelry as it doesn’t affect the shine of your jewelry.
  • If grease particles have stuck on the external surface of your gold jewelry then you can remove such particles can be removed by dipping it into the ordinary rubbing of jewelry into alcohol.
  • A very good home remedy that can protect your jewelry from getting dull and fade can be prepared with mild detergent or soap, ammonia and water. Just take one part detergents, 1 part ammonia in three parts water and then dip your jewelry in this solution for some time, it will get fully cleaned and the shine will not get ruined.
  • Gold and also the other expensive pearls have got a very soft surface and they can easily get scratches so while keeping up these important things in your drawer always keep them in some soft line box or pouch otherwise the scratches will look very odd when you’ll carry the jewelry.
  • A very important thing that should be kept in mind while wearing the jewelry is that never wear the jewelry while taking bath or doing other cleaning activities as the chemicals used in the soaps will make the external surface of jewelry rough and discolored.
  • Some other beauty items like perfumes, chlorine bleaches or nail polish removers carry some really harmful chemicals for the jewelry especially for the gold so the jewelry should be kept away from such items.

Wearing an adorable set of gold or diamonds though seems truly lavishing but this style and beauty needs care otherwise these delicate metals takes no time in getting dull.

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