7 Tips on Choosing a Trendy New Coat

One of my favorite things about the weather getting cooler is picking a fabulous new coat to wear. Whether you plan on attending many social events or simply going about your business looking on point, you need a trendy new coat to accompany you. Use these 7 tips to help:

Image Credit: Steven Depolo
Image Credit: Steven Depolo


1.   Make Sure It’s Totally Different to Your Other Coats

 If, like me, you have a collection of other coats, you need to make sure this coat is different to warrant a purchase. It should be a different colour, pattern, or shape at least. So far I have one black parka coat, one tartan duffle coat, one beige A-line coat, and one furry leopard print coat. Your collection should be as mismatched as mine.

 2.  Make Sure the Shape Suits You

 The shape of your coat should suit your body type in order for you to look fabulous. Don’t get me wrong; if you like a coat, regardless of your body type, you should go ahead and wear it. However, something that suits your shape will make you stand out a whole lot more. You can’t go wrong with a coat that belts at the waist to create an hourglass figure. They never go out of fashion.

3.   Make Sure You Can Wear it With Multiple Garments in Your Wardrobe

 If your coat can’t be worn with multiple items in your wardrobe, I don’t see much point in owning it. You’re going to want to mix and match it with many different items, so make sure you can do that before you go ahead and buy it.

 4.   Make Sure It Will Last for Years

 This coat should be sturdy and durable. This way, you’ll know it’ll last for years. Coats are great value for money if you can wear them a few seasons in a row. You usually get what you pay for, so remember that when you’re buying your new coat.

 5.   Make Sure It’s Warm Enough

 Now is not the time to consider fashion over comfort and health. Your coat needs to be fashionable but have the added benefit of keeping you toasty warm too. If not, at least make sure you’ll be able to wear multiple jumpers underneath.

 6.   Make Sure It Won’t Go Out of Fashion

 Do you think this style will last the next few years? If not, I’d leave it and find something different. Trends come and go, so don’t pick a coat that suddenly became popular this year just to fit in. Pick something that you’ll easily be able to wear again and again. For more information, don’t hesitate to do some catwalk research.

 7.   Make Sure It’s ‘You’

 Your coat is another way to express your style. It’s no good copying your favourite celebrity or one of your friends. If you don’t feel comfortable in your new coat, then it’ll shine through. Make sure this coat allows you to express your style and you feel totally at ease wearing it.

 Have fun shopping for your new coat!


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