A real platform for all the women artists

The much awaited gathering of women artists in Bukowski Auction is already creating quite a buzz. It will be quite exciting to see different women artists coming together on one platform to show their talent and get the recognition they deserve. After all it is high time these women stopped remaining in the shadows and step forward in the lime light. Bukowskis, the foremost Nordic auction house has already held many contemporary auctions that were participated by only the women artists and it was thrilling to see the fantastic works go at some great prices.  It seems that today, after centuries, women are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Soon, it is going to be quite a norm to see women artists in Bukowski Auction, much more confident and sure about their work and the prices. Michael Storåkers, CEO, comments that these auctions have proved that there are some fantastic women artists and gender of the artist doesn’t matter at all. What matters is the talent and these women seem to have oodles of it. A couple of the famous artists among women are Yayoi Kusama, Maria Friberg, Cecilia Edefalk, Mamma Andersson, Linn Fernström Diane Arbus and many more.

Bukowskis Contemporary on 23 May, 2012 will once again prove that there is no dearth of talent in women. Many of these women have become famous overnight and all due to their talent which they got a chance to display. These women artists in Bukowski Auction will be watched very carefully and will, be under scrutiny of the experts. Women artist create quite a stir in what ever field they foray into, whether it is making a piece of art, a landscape or even a documentary films. A good example is Maria Friberg, whose film “No time to fall was” created quite a buzz and with every one talking about it.

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