Martha White Offers Baking Challenge to US Residents

We all need a break from our work so that we can spend some time with our family members and friends. Holidays are the time when we love to be with our loved ones and have the best meals that can make holiday time special. If you are planning to have some good holiday time you need to look out for better recipes that can allow you to make your holiday experience better. Now, Martha White launches Holiday Muffin Mix Challenge that provides you an opportunity to bake new original recipes for your family and also win some cash prizes that can make your holidays memorable.

Martha White Muffin Mix Challenge is open to all US residents above 18 years of age and if you have original baking recipes then you can participate in the contest. The contest is already open and will close on September 12, 2012. However, participants must use Martha White Muffin Mix in the original recipes that they are sending for the contest. The company has already provided more information about participating in the contest and terms and conditions on the official website for those who would like to participate in this contest. Participants can also find more information about this contest on the official Facebook page.


The company will announce the grand prize winner and two runner ups in November as it is just the right time when holiday season begins. The grand prize winner will win $3000 along with annual supply of Martha White Muffin Mix while the two runner ups get similar yearly supply of Martha White Muffin Mix with $1000 cash prize. Linda Carman, Martha White Baking Expert said that they are looking for some really good recipes that consumers can use when they are with their friends and family members spending some holiday time that can make their moments special.

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