Be Your Own Boss or Work For Someone Else? A Look At Your Options

If you are looking for a job that offers a little bit of flexibility and the chance to be your own boss, it could be worth looking at setting up as a freelancer. However, what you need to remember is that being a freelancer often means dips and increases in work. It can also be a bit more risky than working a normal 9-5 job.

That said many people prefer the stability of working for someone else. They like the idea of set hours and a set wage, so it is working for a larger company that makes them happy.

There is nothing wrong with either option; it is simply a matter of working out what works best for you and what you would prefer.


Making Sure You Are Prepared

Whether you decide to go down the route of a working for yourself or not, you need to make sure that you have some experience in the industry you are interested in. The good news is that there are lots of different jobs within industries out there. This helps to ensure that whatever you are looking for, there is something suitable for you. If you are interested in working in the retail trade, Sams Club is a highly rated place to apply. However, if you’re interested in being a mechanic then a different company could be a better choice when it comes to employment. If you want to be a Freelancer then you’ll need to set about making a new for yourself whilst you gain some much-needed experience..

Becoming Your Own Boss

Once you have done this and feel you are ready to go it alone then you need to take the correct steps to make this happen. You can’t just become a freelancer overnight. Instead, you need to make sure that you do your homework and take things slowly. The success of your freelancing career relies on you getting things right. There are many different guides online so make sure you read these and use them as part of your research.

Working For Someone Else

Wanting to work for someone else can be a great decision. There are different ways to find out about job opportunities, depending on the industry that you are wanting to work within. Classified sections, job agencies and contacting the company direct are all solid ways of finding yourself a new job

Set Goals

Whatever route you decide to go down within your career, you need to set yourself some goals. It is a great idea to have a five and ten year plan for yourself as this gives you something to aim for. Whether you are working for yourself or someone else, it is nice to know that you have long term goals. This gives you something that you can measure your success against and see how you are performing.


It is easy to assume that when it comes  to marketing, you only have to when you are promoting your own business. However, even if you are applying for a job at somewhere like Sams Club, you need to market yourself. You need to show people that you are the best choice for their job vacancy.

There are different ways that you can market yourself whether that is your business or yourself as a candidate for a job. One of the best ways to market yourself online is to make sure that you have a website or a Linkedin profile. These days people tend to turn to the internet to find out information that they need to know. You need to make sure that when they are searching online they find you via your website. Make sure your website is slick and easy to navigate in order to keep visitors happy.



One really great way to keep your website fresh and keep people coming back is to set up a blog. By having a blog on your website, you can always update with new products and company news. You can even post tutorials and guides. If you have a website that is fun to read and interesting then people will come back time and time again to read it. When they do, they might just be tempted to buy something from you at the same time.

Social Media

These days social media is a pretty vital part of being a freelancer. First of all it helps you to promote your business and raise brand awareness, which is always a good thing. However, it also helps you to make contact with industry professionals and local companies. Networking is always good for any business but especially so for a freelancer. You never know when your services could help them out, and they could hire you, just by you making contacting via a social media website.

You can also use websites such as LinkedIn to market yourself if you are looking for a new job. In fact, many companies now use the likes of LinkedIn to headhunt people they are looking to work with. It is a great way to networking with other industry professionals and this in itself can help to improve your career prospects.

Choosing The Right Route For Your Career

Being a freelancer can be fun and rewarding, you just need to make sure that you go about it in the right way. It is also hard work and a big risk, which is why it is even more important to put in the hard work and get it right. The best thing you can do is make sure you do plenty of research in order to ensure that you get things right. Look into the industry you want to work in and work out the gap in the market and where you can fit in. Also look at ways to market yourself and any other hints and tips that you might need to know in order to carve out a career for yourself as a successful freelancer.

Working for someone else is great too and gives you the chance to work your way up the career ladder. The way that you do this will depend very much on the industry that you are involved in. Working hard and putting yourself out there for possible opportunities is a great way to get yourself noticed. Generally speaking, businesses like people that work hard and are willing to adapt to the scenario that they are thrown into. Make yourself indispensable to a business, and you’ll soon find yourself climbing the career ladder..


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