Car Security Tips

Your car is probably the most valuable possession that you own, and sometimes, locking it up at night to leave it sat outside your home can play on your mind. What if there was some way that you could ensure the security of your car from the comfort of your own home? Take a look at our car security tips to find out how you can keep your vehicle safe all the time!

Activate Your Car Alarm

Car alarms lead you to assume that your car is perfectly safe, and that’s all well and good, but only if the alarm on your car is activated – otherwise, it’s completely useless in situations such as this.

It’s never a good idea to presume that, just because you live in a safe neighborhood, your vehicle is completely safe on the road at all times – even the safest of places can be the home to unexpected occurrences, meaning your vehicle is never completely safe no matter where you are in the world. Car alarms also, and usually, mean cheaper car insurance too! So, it’s a win-win.

Invest in a Car Tracking System

You probably think that, in terms of car security, this advice is a little bit over the top. But actually, if it ensures the security of your car, then why should it matter if it seems out of the ordinary? Surely, you’d much rather know that your car is safe wherever you leave it, as any normal person would. It’s always better to be safe than sorry you didn’t take caution, after all.

Hide Valuable Items

What’s the first thing a thief will look for when they’re planning on stealing your car? You guessed it. Your valuables! That is, of course, the reason you should never leave your mobile phone, keys, cash or laptops on show – ever. It sounds silly when it’s in writing, but you’d be surprised how many thieves break into cars with the sole intention to only leave with valuable items. It’s common sense to most people, but for those just starting out on the roads, it plays a major part in maintaining the security of your car.

Be Sure to Lock Your Car!

Ensuring that you lock your car while it’s vacant is simply common sense. Whether it looks silly in writing or not, your car needs to be kept under a close watch – meaning that it should be locked at all times you’re not driving, or physically inside the car. Otherwise, you’re the only person to blame should anything valuable be stolen – it’s surprising considering you didn’t shout the orders for them to steal anything in the first place, but if you don’t lock your car when you’re not using it, you’re setting yourself up to be the victim of a theft and an unlocked car often voids your insurance!

Mark Thomas of Trade Price Cars said, ‘Car security is huge, you see a lot of stories about high-value cars being stolen but more often than not, the main cars being stolen are cheap, popular models. Their parts can often be sold for more than the price of the whole car!’

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