Tips to Choose Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle Accessories

If you are like most passionate motorcycle owners, you cannot resist getting the hottest and trendiest accessories for your bike every now and then. But these accessories don’t come cheap and you need to be sure that you are getting the best value for your buck. Here are some simple tips to follow when choosing your next motorcycle accessories. If you follow these five practical tips, you’ll be able to invest in a decent range of riding gear to make your rides safe, carefree and enjoyable.

1) Research:

Research is always the first step. Even if it means browsing some motorcycle gear websites or taking advice from a fellow biker, always do your research before falling for slick ads and persuasive sales copy. Join a motorcycling blog and read the discussions on some popular accessories and riding gear. This is a great way to not only identifying the most useful gear for riding protection but also the best places to buy them from.

2) Prioritize:

Let’s be honest. Retailers have a business to run and they will try to maximize their revenue from a single customer by pitching all their stock at you the moment you walk up to the counter. Your job is to prioritize the accessories that you actually need. These include some of the basics of motorcycle safety, such as a good, sturdy helmet, knee, elbow and wrist guards, and gloves. Make sure you always invest in good quality accessories.

3) Perfect fit:

Always prioritize comfort and fit over looks. The snazzy looking helmet might look like a must-have on the shelf, but is it going to fit you comfortably. Find out before you walk up to the counter with it. The same holds true for gloves, boots and any other accessory. Accessories that fit too tight will cause pain and discomfort whereas loose-fitting accessories might require frequent adjusting and distract you from other more important concerns, such as safety. The type of fit also depends on the specific environment in which you are biking. For example, you can go for a more relaxed fit for a touring bike than for a racing bike. In any case, use your best judgement.

4) Material:

Material is an integral aspect of the gear you choose. Leather is more popular because of its sleek appearance, but fabric gear is also quite durable. The material should be compatible with the climate. So if you ride in a wet climate, make sure your gear is made of waterproof material. The quality of the safety guards is important because these will absorb the shock of a fall or accident.

5) Price does not guarantee quality:

Rookie bikers have a tendency to buy expensive accessories hoping that these would always be of high quality. This is not always the case. If you look around, you can find the best deals on motorcycle helmets at very affordable prices. Be sensible when it comes to price especially if you want to maintain a budget.

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