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How to increase your dog’s life expectancy

How to increase your dog’s life expectancy

Taking care of a dog is not such an easy job like it seems. Many dog owners have some bad habits and they are shortening their dog’s life without knowing it. So, it is crucial to know what to do in order to keep your dog healthy and increase his life expectancy. 1. Don’t feed your dog too much According to some studies made by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, almost 55 pe... More »


Tips to Improve your Garden with Bird Food

Do you really want to add something more to your backyard? Well, a lot of people in the United States make use of their backyard as junk yard but there are some people who want to stay close to the nature and therefore they prefer to have some kind of small garden where they can relax on weekends and spend some quality time with their family in their own personal private space. However, some pe... More »