Feeling Under The Weather? Try These Healing Tips And Tricks

When we’re feeling poorly, life seems to be much harder than usual. You might be overly tired all the time. Perhaps you feel fuzzy in the head and unable to concentrate. It’s possible you’re even suffering from pain. Most of us want to go to bed and stay there until we feel human again. But in real life, we still have to get up in the morning and get on with it. So how can you get over that yucky feeling when you don’t have time to rest?

Sleep does work wonders to heal and cure those pesky injuries and illnesses. Start by trying to cut your evening short by a couple of hours to gain some extra sleep. Sleep can also be interrupted by pain or by difficulties in breathing when we have a cold. Take your preferred pain relief before bedtime. Try a eucalyptus or menthol based inhalation near the bedside to help you breathe more easily.

Image Credit: Claus Rebler

Exercise is also important, even when we don’t feel up to it. Gentle walking in the fresh air helps to get fresh oxygen in your lungs. It’s important to stretch too. Without regular movements, your digestive system can slow to a crawl, giving you discomfort.

If you are feeling cold, check your temperature isn’t too high. Illness raises our temperature that is part of the healing process. A temperature over 100 degrees can become dangerous, though. Paracetamol can help bring it down.

Sometimes when we’re feeling under the weather, we have several problems at once. You might be feeling unwell but also have pain in your mouth. Choosing a holistic dentist can help you manage the cause of all the problems rather than just looking at your teeth. Many holistic practitioners believe that approaching from several angles can resolve problems. This works instead of just treating symptoms.

Diet is also very important. Not only does a healthy diet help prevent you falling ill, but eating right can help speed your recovery. Many people take extra vitamin C when they feel a cold coming on. Vitamin C is found naturally in many fruits like oranges.

If you regularly suffer anaemia, you could eat a diet rich in iron from lean red meats. Processed foods are thought to slow down your digestive system. These foods good be filling your system with unwanted ingredients that take time to get rid of. This wastes your energy, and it could take longer to get the good nutrition into your system.

We need lots of water each day to avoid dehydration. Dehydration is often a symptom of illness. Be sure to drink a little extra water if you are feeling under the weather. It can help bring your temperature down, and regain a little mental focus. It also helps your digestive system function normally.

Nobody likes to feel ill. With a healthy diet, a physically fit person may rarely fall ill. If they do catch a cold or two, their recovery time is often quicker too. Look after your body, and try a holistic approach to taking care of your health.


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