ProfNet Connect – New Dawn in Communication Industry?

The communication industry gets a new definition with the launch of ProfNet Connect from the house of PR Newswire. ProfNet Connect is a new, unique and exclusive interactive online platform for communications professionals and media houses or individual. It is the extended version of ProfNet Expert Connection.

ProfNet was created in 1992 with a vision to make a truly online PR community with enhanced social media features and content management. It helps its registered users to exchange targeted ideas and related resources. It is an exclusive concept based on centralized communications hub system where one can search for topical blog posts, expert profiles and get engaged in real-time through groups and forums. ProfNet Expert Connection also facilitates professionals to organize their outreach, share information and engage in conversation with like-minded people.

The newly build platform, ProfNet Connect, allows its users to create their detailed expert pages, showcasing his or her areas of expertise, share viewpoints on issues, inform ones availability, upload videos, audios and photos. The entire database is browsed by bloggers, reporters, authors, event coordinators and others who wants to outreach experts of any field directly.

ProfNet Connect will prove to be one of the best platforms for people in the communication industry to find like-minded people quickly and easily, and also to interact them in real-time.

PR Newswire is widely known across the world as a pioneer in commercial news distribution industry for 56 years that helps in connecting customers and audiences of about 170 countries across America, Europe, Middle East and Asia with more than forty languages through its multi-channel distribution network.

PR Newswire’s Online Content and Community director Sandra Azzollini said, “ProfNet Connect not only represents a significant enhancement to the ProfNet platform, but it offers a leap forward in how professionals on all sides of the media equation organize their outreach, share information, and engage in conversation.”

All registered users and general people can access ProfNet Connect without any fees. Below are a brief, on fingertips, of what one can do with ProfNet Connect:

  • Connect with industry professionals, bloggers and reporters.
  • Upload detailed and rich profiles of oneself that also includes videos, audios and photos.
  • Easy to share blogs, industry content and white papers.
  • Communicate through related forums and groups.
  • and many many more.

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