Tips for PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint is one of the most effective tools which have been used by most of the people along the world to make presentation. This application is so easy to use that almost every student tries to make his/her academic presentations on PowerPoint but there are some really important factors which should be kept in mind while making a presentation and in this article there are some tips provide for making a perfect presentation on PowerPoint.

  1. First of all planning is one of the most important things which should be performed before going to make any presentation, your point of discussion should have to be very clear in your mind.
  2. Perform a thorough research on the topic which you are going to discuss in your presentation.
  3. Always keep this thing in mind while making a presentation that what are the expected audiences and how will you get the interest of them.
  4. Before going to give your presentation always practice it at your home.
  5. While delivering your presentation speak with a comfortable pace and don’t get confused if someone is staring at you.
  6. Show complete enthusiasm and interest towards your topic and try to create an atmosphere which your audience can enjoy.
  7. Use some standardize positions colors and styles for your presentation and don’t go for the family of red colors as it appears very bad for eyes.
  8. If during presentation you feel hard to read the content doesn’t apologize but it would be better to redo the slide another time.
  9. The number of slides should not be such that it takes more than 10-12 minutes and always try to talk to the point relating to your topic.
  10. Avoid the usage of longer sentences and use larger fonts for the points which you want to stress upon.

These were some of the main points which can prove to be very effective while giving some presentation and every presenter should try to follow them for a perfect presentation.

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