Tips on Finding the Right Air Conditioner For Your Business

Having a cool place to work often goes beyond having a funky outlook on life and business. You need to ensure that your company is a comfortable place of work. As a company owner, you need to make sure that your employees are satisfied with their working conditions. If they are not, this can affect productivity.

So, how you can ensure that you are keeping your employees happy and maintaining high levels of productivity? It’s all about creating the right environment. Many companies often choose to have thermal and AC controls within their venture. But, it’s vital that you choose the right unit for your room. If you do not choose the right system, you may be faced with a huge bill or a lack of power.

Here are some great tips that you can use when finding the right AC for your business.

Tip 1: Consider the Size of the Room

One of the most important things that you can do is to ensure that you have the right AC unit for your business. Consider the size of the room or office. You need to be aware of the square footage so that you can ensure that you are maximising the potential of the unit. Make sure that you measure the length and width of the office space. Multiply the length by the width and you have the square footage of your office. Once you have the right calculations, you will be able to choose a system that is fit for purpose. If you choose something too large for the square footage of your office, you will find that the space is too cold. What’s more, your bills will be more costly.

Tip 2: Make Sure That You Consider the Size of the AC Unit

Usually, a unit needs to be 20 BTUs for the size of the room. According to, one of the most important things that you can do is to ensure that you are considering the size of the installation. For larger office spaces, a permanent fixture is deemed essential. But, if you have a smaller location, a portable AC unit will be adequate for your needs. You also need to consider the scope of your office. If the room is covered by shade, you will not need a powerful machine. This is because the room will be too cold. Think about how much sun that your office receives. If it is a lot, increase the BTU capacity by a minimum of 10%.

Image Credit: Ratan X
Image Credit: Ratan X

Tip 3: Finding the Right Unit

You may find that a small window mounted AC unit is an excellent device in your business. These can be rather cumbersome and complicated to fit, so do ensure that you get a professional to oversee the installation. Make sure that you fit the AC unit so that it opposes the window width. You need to ensure that there is adequate drainage for your system.

Freestanding and portable units can be a great way of cooling down a small office space. These typically come on castors and can be moved around depending on where you feel the heat the most. Make sure that you have the right drainage facilities for this unit.

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