Drivers: Maintain those tires to stay safe

Preparing a car for bad weather can be one of the best ways to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to prevent such incidents, but that doesn’t meant that taking precautions is not a good idea. Accidents are particularly common during the winter months and stormy season, when bad weather and cold temperatures make for bad driving conditions. Properly maintaining a vehicle is good practice and an ideal way to ensure driving safety when bad weather is relatively common.

Drivers planning to travel any significant distance are encouraged to conduct and air pressure check of their tires. Tire pressure is a very important thing for drivers, especially during the winter, when storms are relatively common and bad weather can lead to devastating accidents. An air pressure check can ensure that tires are well maintained, which can help drivers avoid accidents. There are many dangers relating to air pressure and ensuring that tires are properly inflated is an important thing.


Low air pressure can severely affect the handling of a vehicle. Low pressure can create dangerous situations, especially when a driver needs to break suddenly. Generally, air pressure falls for every drop of 10 degrees in temperature  and tires deflate more quickly during the colder months. In winter, drivers are urged to conduct an air pressure check at least once a week. This can be done with a simple air gauge, which can accurately measure the pressure within a vehicle’s tires.

Under-inflated tires are not the danger, of course, as over-inflated tires can also present trouble for drivers. Over-inflated tires have a different contact point with the road, which can severely affect the handling and braking of a vehicle. There is a balance that must be maintained with air pressure to ensure that tires operate effectively. Maintaining a vehicle’s tires will ensure that drivers are safe while traveling and can help people avoid accidents.

There is much more to vehicle maintenance, of course, and drivers should also be prepared for whatever dangers winter travel may hold. Keeping a winter supply kit handy is one step drivers can take to keep themselves safe. These kits generally contain a change of warm clothes, extra gloves, a radio, a charged mobile device for emergency calls, and a bag of sand, which is used to increase traction and can be helpful if a car is stuck in the snow.

Driving can be dangerous regardless of the time of year, but winter is particularly hazardous because of the number of storms that happen and the cold weather. During the colder months, proper tire maintenance is quite important, so drivers should take care of their tires before traveling any significant distance.

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