Turn Your Craft Hobby Into A Career With These Easy Steps

We all sit at our jobs day-dreaming about starting our own business. If you love making things, then your own craft business isn’t so out of reach. There are thousands out there that make good money by selling their homemade crafts. It is a lucrative market. People love personalized gifts and unique designs. Thanks to the internet, there are more ways to make it work than ever.

You no longer need to buy a shop on the high street to sell your own jewelry or crafts. There are plenty of websites to help you do that online. Of course, you’ll need to get out into the local community and high street shops to help make it a success. However, it’s easier than ever to get started by using online tools. If you’ve got a little talent and are itching for a new adventure, a craft business could be for you.

Image Credit: Margarida
Image Credit: Margarida

Make a business plan

Sit down one evening and begin a business plan. Just jot down how much it costs to make each one of your items. How long does that take you and how much would you have to charge to make a profit? If the figures add up, you could begin to think about turning your hobby into a career.

Start small

Spend a few hours a night working on your crafts after work. Make a few prototypes of your best work and figure out a small range that you could sell. Don’t give up the day job until you know that you can turn a profit from your work. You can start off in the evenings, then cut down to part-time at work. Once you’re bringing in enough, you can go full time. Speak to a local postal service and try and cut a deal for cheap parcel delivery. You’ll be using them a lot!

Find the right online store

For crafts, Etsy will probably be your best starting point. They will set you up with an online store and your work will become part of their search engine. You’ll need a unique product to stand out but it’s the perfect place for arts and craft products.

Don’t forget the real world

You’ll find hundreds of articles teaching you how to start an online business, but don’t neglect the real world. People still live there! Go to your local boutique stores with your product. Ask them if they will stock your range. It’s the best way of breaking into your local area.

You could raise your profile in the community by hosting teaching workshops and craft parties. People love to learn new skills like sewing or crafting and it will help you showcase your work. The local community will be the best place to get people talking about your work.

Online marketing

Finally, you’ll need to start promoting yourself. Craft businesses flourish through beautiful photos. Put as much effort into capturing your work as you do making it! You’ll need a strong presence on Instagram and Pinterest to showcase pictures of your work. Build a community on Facebook and Twitter and collect email addresses so you can send updates. A lot of your business will come through a community you build up online.

With a little discipline and hard work you can turn your craft hobby into a career. Use the internet to build an online shop and grow a community. Then get out into the real world and show off your work.

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