5 Tips to Control Obesity

Control Obesity

Being overweight is bad; being obese is dangerous. Obesity is usually explained as a condition where the natural energy reserves are increased to such an extent where it becomes dangerous for health. It is an abnormal body fat (about 20 – 30 % more than ideal body weight according to sex, age and weight) which leads towards dangerous ailments. Ratio of obese persons is increasing highly worldwide, and this is a point to concentrate upon. Controlling it is very necessary in order to avoid serious diseases and illness.

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According to WHO, increase in obesity has come to a level where it can be called “epidemic.” In this article, I will discuss certain tips that can help obese people to control their ever increasing weight.

  1. Workout is essential. Unless you start doing exercises or yoga, you cannot decrease your weight in a healthy way. Start doing certain exercises, yoga or just walk for 30-45 minutes daily and you will see the change for yourself.
  2. Do not go on strict diet plans; rather manage your meal times and type of food you intake. Start taking fruit and veggies and get away from junk.
  3. Feeling hungry between main meals? Go for fruit, juices, salad or water.
  4. Quit chocolates, carbonated drinks, ice creams and sugar.
  5. Strong determination is essential. Be determined to loose your extra fats!

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