5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Going Under The Knife

Whatever your thoughts on getting cosmetic surgery, one this is for sure. It does have the ability to boost confidence and make the recipient feel good about what they see in the mirror. With stars like Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian openly admitting to having work done, it seems it’s no longer taboo to go under the knife. It’s also becoming more accessible with surgeries offering payment plans and loans. Meaning you can get the surgery without having to wait. While there are benefits to having cosmetic surgery, it’s not a decision you should take lightly. After all, you are making a significant change to your face or body. It’s not something you should ever do on a whim and should be thought about carefully and thoroughly. Ask yourself the following questions and answer as honestly as possible. This will help you make the most informed decision possible about having any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure.


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1) Is this what I really want?

Altering your body through surgical cosmetic procedures is not something you should do if you’re unsure. The results of more major procedures such as rhinoplasty will be with you for the rest of your life. So you need to be 100% certain that going under the knife is what you want in the long run. Give yourself time to consider it before you start making arrangements to see consultants. You need to establish whether this is just a phase and something you desire momentarily. Or if it’s something that will make you feel amazing about yourself in the long run. As quickly and easily as many celebrities make the healing process look, it can be invasive, uncomfortable and painful. Put your body through this trauma is worth it if it’s what you want, but can be a dreadful experience if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Also, you need, to be honest about whether this is something you want or what your partner or friends want. Never be pressured into altering your body for someone else. If they truly had your best interests at heart, they would not ask you to change anything about yourself.

2) What results do I want from the surgery?

This is a question that is closely linked to the one above. Any experienced and reliable surgeon will want to get an idea of why you want cosmetic surgery and the results you desire. So you need to have a detailed answer before your consultation. The easiest way of doing this is by writing a list and being as honest as possible. Maybe you’ve exhausted your other options, and surgery is a last resort. Or maybe you want to enhance your appearance to increase your self-esteem. Again, never let someone else force you to get surgical results you don’t want. Have more than one reason why you want to have a particular procedure done and be confident when discussing what you want. You can also look online and in magazines for images that may help you illustrate the outcome you want even more. The clearer and more certain you are, the more your surgeon will be able to advise and help you. They need to have a strong understanding and know what you are aiming to achieve. It may not be possible to get exactly what you want, but they should be able to offer suggestions and alternatives. Not being sure of what results you want shows that maybe this is not the right course of action for you. It also shows a lack of thought and will put the surgeon off from working with you.

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3) What does the surgery entail?

It’s foolish to have any kind of cosmetic procedure without knowing exactly what it entails. Even before you start deciding upon which surgeon you want to carry out the work, you need to know how the surgery is conducted. This is invaluable knowledge that could help you decide whether or not surgery is right for you. While some techniques and procedures will vary, there will be some similarities. You can use the internet and books to do some initial research to get a better understanding of every aspect of the procedure. This should include how long it takes, what is involved and recovery times. You can also visit the websites for the Atlanta Institute for Facial Aesthetic Surgery and other reputable surgeries. These should describe exactly how the operation is performed, and you can contact them with any questions you may have. Additionally, you should reach out to people on forums who have had the procedure to hear about their experience. You should also discuss the surgery with your doctor and family for reassurance and support. Having a support network around you is essential when going through a potentially dramatic change. Surgery of this kind not only changes you physically but also mentally too. So you need to make sure you are prepared to handle both. Doing this research will make you feel more prepared for proceeding on your cosmetic surgery journey by taking away the mystery. This will also show to your family and the surgeon that you are serious about going under the knife and want to know as much as you possibly can.

4) Who will carry out the surgery?

During your research, you are likely to be recommended or find reputable surgeons who can do your desired procedure. But choosing a surgeon is a complex matter that can take time. You need to consider their location, experience and whether they can produce the results you want. As some surgery requires months of planning and healing time, you also need to find a surgeon who makes you feel at ease and comfortable. It’s wise to visit multiple consultants before committing to one so you can compare costs, experience and how relaxed you feel. Before your consultation check that the surgeon you are visiting is a fully licensed and qualified surgeon. Also, check to see if they have any complaints against them. They should be able to provide you with evidence of their work including before and after pictures of previous clients. Ask them about the risks involved, after effects and healing times regarding your surgery. If they cannot answer confidently, make you feel uneasy or can’t give you high-quality results, don’t commit to working with them. As eager as you are to get started, don’t rush and pick the first surgeon you meet. Even if you think they might be the one for you, it will be more beneficial to take your time. You may find that the next surgeon you meet understands your requirements more and is far more experienced.


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5) How am I going to pay for it?

It’s no secret that cosmetic surgery can be expensive. While some surgeries do offer loans and useful payment plans, not all of them do. So you need to make sure you have enough money to pay for your cosmetic procedure. Find out the approximate price for the surgery you would like by looking online or speaking directly to your surgeon. It’s wise to have an idea of how much it will cost thereabout, but this is not always a set amount. The price may alter depending on your medical condition, the complexity of the procedure and the drugs used. So thoroughly discuss with your surgeon or the surgery about what is included in the price. The last thing you want is to face additional costs of medication and care you cannot afford later on. You may have to save up for the procedure by setting up a savings account and monthly budget.

It’s important also to consider your healing process and the effect it could have on your financial state. We all heal differently, and it could take longer than you thought to be pain-free and move freely. This can stop you from driving, caring for your family and even working. If you are unable to work, this could make paying rent and bills and buying groceries very difficult. So it’s always best to have some additional money saved up to give you financial support if needs be. Discuss with your partner about your savings and work out how you are going to manage. Your children may need to stay at a friend or relative’s house, or you may have to take out a loan to cope. You may even need to pay for someone to clean your home and care for you if you have a major procedure. These are all vital things you need to consider when deciding how much you can comfortable save and spend on your cosmetic surgery.

Whether you’re fighting the signs of aging or unhappy with your nose, cosmetic surgery can help you feel fabulous. But if you don’t think it through or overlook doing any research it could have an adverse effect. If you are having any doubts about the surgery, don’t proceed. You may just need more time to think about it, or it may not be the solution you need.

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