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Violence against women – AVON Believe World Tour

Violence against women - AVON Believe World Tour

Violence against women is an appalling human right violation, but it is not inevitable, we can put a stop to this. One in three women may suffer from abuse and violence in her life time, this is a sin, social sin and violation of human rights, yet it remains one of the invisible and under recognized pandemics of our time. We have to promote human solidarity, avoid indifference, and play a part ... More »


Wireless Home Technology Tips

Wireless home technology is really making news across the globe as people today want something better for their home. Today, people live a hectic life and therefore they want something that can comfort them and help them in all their household work when the return from work. Hence, people are going for wireless technology that works better than wired gadgets and at the same time saves us from t... More »


Funny Christmas Video

The ad agency, Publicis has used the funny Christmas video in question to start its guerrilla campaign for Pepto Bismol. The ad is an effort at boosting sales, brand image and creating more awareness about the benefits of the product. The ad is especially set showing the Christmas scene given that year end is here and foodies will want to indulge themselves this holiday season. For the fear ... More »


Guide to Wealth Management Index

If you are thinking about how the markets will behave in the future you certainly need to understand the buying and spending patterns in the country. Christmas is considered as the most popular festival in the United States and therefore economists believe that Christmas can really have some kind of impact on the overall stock market of any country. Millions of people across the United States p... More »


3 New Health Benefits for Eating Chocolates

Eating Chocolates Chocolates have always been very important food item of most of the people of the world and many parents amend restrictions in eating chocolates because they think that these chocolates might be affecting the teeth of their children. These factors although are true but the modern researchers have given so many benefits of chocolates that you will definitely forgets such thing... More »