Funny Christmas Video

The ad agency, Publicis has used the funny Christmas video in question to start its guerrilla campaign for Pepto Bismol. The ad is an effort at boosting sales, brand image and creating more awareness about the benefits of the product.

The ad is especially set showing the Christmas scene given that year end is here and foodies will want to indulge themselves this holiday season. For the fear of indigestion, many are predicted to show under indulgency which is highly unacceptable when they should be enjoying the food they like. The funny Christmas video attempts to depict a simple scene of Christmas celebration with under indulgers showing their attitude at best. With Ken Jeong’s entry the food is replenished to much more and over indulgence is recommended as Pepto Bismol reads ‘No matter what you throw in your stomach, pink’s got you covered’, pink being the product in colour and packaging.

A simple yet dry attempt at humour has been quite liked by ad watchers and is now being called the ad of the season. There could be no better time for the brand to launch its ads. Christmas and New Year’s bring about food parties season and foodies look around this time at indulging themselves. For people who under indulge themselves fearing indigestion, pick out a bottle of Pepto Bismol on your trip to the super mart or chemist. If you’re kids suffer from indigestion, pick up a few tablets or syrup for themselves as well. The same can also be administered to pets with half the dose when they whine with bloated stomachs.

If you know of an adult suffering from a similar condition, suggest the drug as it is effective and provides instant relief. Also, if you suffer from indigestion yourself, it would be advised to always carry a strip of the tablets with you in your wallet to battle any upcoming indigestion at a social gathering or when away from home.

The funny Christmas video runs a caption stating its usage but more so depicts battling under indulgence on the part of people by taking caring of indigestion and diarrhea.

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