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Self Improvement


How To Look Fabulous After You Have Had Children

How To Look Fabulous After You Have Had Children

When you have a child, your life (and body) changes forever. For many women, the transition to motherhood is difficult, to say the least. Suddenly, you have all this extra baby weight and flab that just wasn't there before you got pregnant. Don't panic about it. Everything you are feeling is natural, and so you must not let it worry you. It is important, though, that you start to feel good abou... More »


8 Tips for Giving an Amazing Massage

8 Tips for Giving an Amazing Massage

Massage is a wonderful way to release tension in the muscles, relax the mind, and increase a person’s feeling of well being. Just because you’re not qualified, doesn’t mean you can’t offer to give massages to friends and family. These tips will help you to get your technique just right: Use a Product to Suit Your Client All clients are different. I use the word ‘client’, just... More »


Tips for Building up Confidence

Tips for Building up Confidence

Building up Confidence Lack of confidence is one of the major problems which most of the people feels in themselves not even knowing the reasons and this habit of themselves separates them from other people. Building up confidence is not an easy process but if one has courage and patience then he can get hold of this quality called ‘Confidence’.  This quality could be better called as abs... More »


Tips for Making Your Memory Sharp

Memory Sharp Memory is something which can assure a person’s success in life or his failure and if you take your brain as computer than you can say your memory a chip which needs up gradation otherwise it slows down in performance after some time. The Memory mechanism is quite a tough one and its maintenance is tougher as well but some procedures and exercises if practiced in the positive ma... More »


Tips for Personality Development

Personality Development Personality development is one of the most important tasks of one’s life which doesn’t want effort but determination and confidence in you. The personality is something which can leave ones impression in the mind of other people and if it is not good then you are nothing according to some experts, the human personality id the sum total of ways in which an individual... More »