8 Tips for Giving an Amazing Massage

Massage is a wonderful way to release tension in the muscles, relax the mind, and increase a person’s feeling of well being. Just because you’re not qualified, doesn’t mean you can’t offer to give massages to friends and family. These tips will help you to get your technique just right:

  1. Use a Product to Suit Your Client

All clients are different. I use the word ‘client’, just because it’s easier. You need to assess the person’s skin, needs, and what they like the feel of before you select the right product for them. You have the choice of standard massage oil, massage cream, and aromatherapy oil. Selecting aromatherapy oils should be done very carefully.

  1. Make Sure You’ve Got the Pressure Just Right

Pressure will vary from person to person, so you need to ask. Do they like the pressure, or would they like it softer/harder? Light pressure is good for the end of a massage, as it signals that the massage is almost over. Medium to hard pressure is good for the rest of the massage as it really moves the muscles around and helps to release any tension. However, it depends on your client’s needs.

  1. Focus on The Client’s Problem Areas

Ask your client where their problem areas are. Is their back always tense? Do they have stiff calves? Concentrate on these areas a little longer than everywhere else and do your best to make them feel better.

  1. Use Slow, Flowing Movements

Massage movements should all flow from one to the next. You shouldn’t make them fast either; rushing movements isn’t going to feel nice or relaxing for your client. Make sure your movements are deliberately slow, relaxing, and flowing. Use your hands, fingers, palms, and forearms to create various movements.

  1. Take a Course

If you want to ensure your massage technique is the best out there, you could take a course. You could even make a career out of it; the salary of a massage therapist isn’t bad at all!

Image Credit: Danlela
Image Credit: Danlela
  1. Set the Scene

It doesn’t matter how great your massage is, if you haven’t set the scene, the client won’t be able to relax. Turn down the lights, play some relaxing music, and perhaps even light some candles.

  1. Get the Temperature Right

The temperature of the room is just as important as everything else. If you’re giving a full body massage, the client will only be covered by a thin towel or blanket, so you need to make sure they’re warm enough.

  1. Make Sure There are No Interruptions

Give a massage in a quiet place where there won’t be any phones ringing, loud noises, or other interruptions. This will enhance the overall experience!

All of the above tips focus on your client’s overall experience as they have the massage. Remember, if you plan on advertising or charging for your services, you should always be qualified and insured. If you’re only helping friends and family, that part doesn’t matter so much. Thanks for reading!


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