How To Handle Stubborn Kids

Stubborn Kids

Usually people fantasize about the post marital life; playing with butterflies and flowers, sliding down the rainbow and running around gardens singing love songs. When the reality comes down upon them, it takes long for them to get out of the brutal shock. All of us should keep in mind that marriage, apart from love and care, is about responsibilities and maturity. When two people get married to each other, they promise to stick to each other’s sides in tough days. This may be easy to say, but is hard to act upon. And when they become parents, life becomes even more difficult as adjusting to new routines is not an easy task.

Kids are the beauty of one’s life. These innocent angels fill parents’ lives with laughter, happiness and hopes. Sometimes, the “angel” part is reversed; the little one becomes mischievous and doses not listen to parents at all. This makes the parents angry and they scold (or even beat) the kid at times. This practice does not do any good to the kid’s behavior and he goes even naughtier. How to handle such situation is a big question parents are facing in modern era. This is hard to find a way where you can’t scold or mistreat the kid, and make him realize that he is not behaving in a right manner. Today, I have come up with certain tips that can help you handle a stubborn child.

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Let us start with prevention before coming to cure. It is important to be vigilant regarding your kids bringing up; you have to act immediately the moment you see signs of misbehavior and stubbornness in your kid. Even if he / she is very young, you have to handle him / her immediately. Try to talk to him / her and make them understand (politely) that the behavior they are showing is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. Tell them that this is not the way good kids behave and they should never become bad kids. Tell them that you are getting hurt by their stubbornness and this will make them regret their behavior. Also, it is important to let your kids know that each home has a set of rules that are to be followed, and being stubborn is against the rules. If they don’t follow the prescribed rules and misbehave, then there will be certain consequences. Keep in mind that beating is not a punishment; this only makes your kid more “immune’ to insults and helps him become more stubborn. The punishments should include performing homely chores with mother, watering the garden, cleaning the sofa, filling water bottles etc.

Keep a friendly environment with your kids and let them be open with you. If you don’t let them open up in front of you, they will go and find out other emotional supports out of home; which will be highly dangerous. Let them tell you about their school, mates, interests, thoughts and aims.

Make time schedule with ample time both for fun and study. It will be a positive step if you begin playing with them. Kids like it a lot when their parents take time out of their busy schedule only to play with them. This will act as a detoxifying agent for the depressions and deprivations they feel at times. But do not let their study time affect by too much playing and party.

You should convey to your kids the expectations you have from them. Tell them that you expect them to be nice, humble and intelligent kids rather than noise, stubborn and dumb ones.

I am sure these tips will help you in handling your stubborn kids.

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