Tips for Fluent English Speaking

Fluent English Speaking

As you know that English is the global language that everyone’s speak throughout the world and this is the language that helps different nations to communicate and share their thought, their businesses and other such things. Speaking English will surely be not a task for someone whose mother language is English but for those who had spoken their own mother language from the start of their life and now they have to be best English speakers just for getting a good job or becoming a good student in a foreign university.

If you are also among the people of the second category I have stated here, want to be a good speaker but lacks fluency due to any reason then this article has been written just for your assistance. Remember one thing being a fluent English speaker is not a very hard job because apart from being a foreign language you started using it in the schools just from the childhood and you can’t claim yourself totally illiterate of English, if you are good at writing English but speaking is a problem the go through the rest of article and I am sure you’ll get a solution.

  • The most important thing that a person who wishes to be fluent in English speaking must perform is conversation in English. Approaching some native English speaker and starting some sort of conversation with him can be difficult for someone who is not at all good at speaking English, but actually this is a way that will start your journey of fluency in English speaking. Whatever comes to your mind just say and repeating this activity will sooner make your language automatically improve.
  • Making yourself aware of the grammar and Syntax is also a required for fluent English speaking, and for this you’ll have to consult the books. As we all know that the language we speak is quite different from the one we write but once you’ll not understand completely the writing stuff then becoming a fluent speaker will also become double difficult for you.
  • You can also make your speaking power strong by reading different stories in an English magazine or reading some novel in English language. You’ll find a lot of English magazines about business, fashion, technology, world and on other topics, just go for the one of your interest and try  to read the maximum number of stories as possible for you.
  • Try to watch television shows and movies in English language, and while you are watching, keenly observe the style with which people are talking. This is a best way for those who just hate reading, like me! While watching a movie you can get a full time English training and with that your desire of entertainment will also get fulfilled.
  • If you don’t have some fluent English speaking friend then start online chatting with fluent English speakers, never get ashamed if your are unable to response quickly just keep this thing in mind that I am learning something and I’ll be the master of it soon.
  • Another very fantastic tip that I have got from my teacher is ‘think in English’, most of the times when we have to think about thinking English, we use to think in our mother language and this is the thing that holds us away from being the proficient of this language. Just think in the English language and you’ll find the ways to speak out by yourself.

Becoming a fluent English speaker is not at all difficult but just like any other task it also requires consistency and determination, don’t carry this attitude that you decided to be a good speaker and then after 4-5 days you come back to your mother language, still after some months the soul of English speaker got awaken in yourself and you again stepped into journey of English speaking. If you’ll carry this attitude then English would be hell difficult for you, be consistent and you’ll be the master.

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