Baileys Creamers are Delicious and Delectable

Top daily processors, HP Hood LLC announced the BAILEYS creamers for coffee. These creamers are non-alcoholic and healthy for life. Spokesperson of HP Hood LLC said, “We have been extremely pleased with the success of BAILEYS coffee creamers to date and are exited to expand our distribution. This expansion helps us to further to provide consumers with unparalleled coffee creamer experience by offering flavored coffee creamer with all the richness and creaminess for which BAILEYS is known”. Baileys Creamers are available in 7 flavors i.e. French Vanilla, Hazelnut, The original Irish Cream, Caramel, Crème Brulee, Toffee Almond Cream, and Chocolate.

BAILEY is an Ireland based company renowned for its Original Irish Cream. BAILEYS original Irish Cream was launched in 1974. It is available in 180 countries. Globally, BAILEYS hold 70% share of Irish Cream Liqueur Market. It has been ranked at number 7 in distilled spirits sold. If you want to add energy in your traditional breakfast, try the Baileys Creamers. A bit of Irish in your morning coffee can invigorate your whole day. 7 exciting flavors offered by BAILEYS is an attempt to provide different tasteful options to coffee lovers. BAILEYS has planned to promote Baileys Creamers in an intelligent way. Guess what! BAILEYS also announced “Win a trip to Ireland”. Validity time of this exciting trip is from 1st March to 30th April 2011. Further information about this trip is available at the official website of BAILEYS.

Peter O’ Connor, who is the BAILEYS original Irish cream expert, said “It looks good… smell is magnificent… and the taste…. magic”. He said this by adding one of the Baileys Creamers in his coffee. He further explained that it will be a good addition in traditional breakfast of Irish people which includes bacon, sausage, potato cake, black pudding, white pudding and fresh egg along with tea. Most of the people now prefer coffee over tea in the breakfast and Baileys Creamers can boost up their taste buds. A bit of Irish in your morning coffee can add energy with exciting flavors. Now you can pick up your favorite coffee creamer at the start of the day and can spend an active day.

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