Most Interesting Wedding Dresses Trends this Summer

Most women know their perfect wedding dress when they’re ten years old. It’s a special occasion that requires an exceptional dress and accessories. If you’re planning your big day this year, have a look at new trends before you make a decision.

Every woman wants to look like a princess on a Vogue cover. Make sure that the dress you choose suits your style and personality. This year is all about creativity and new exciting designs.

Off –the-Shoulder Neckline

Bohemian, romantic and nostalgic. It’s designed for women who are not scared to show off their arms and shoulders. When you wear a design like this, your neck is longer and slender.

A chiffon trimming will add a fashionable detail and will look great when you walk down the aisle. On the other hand if you prefer lace, be sure to include it in your neckline design – it will accentuate your bust without making you look tacky.

Off-the-shoulder styles developed as a transition from a previous design, the one shoulder. It’s beautiful and chic for any modern bride that wants to look elegant. A one shoulder dress doesn’t cover your body completely but it gives you a soft, graceful look.

Original Colours

Using colours in your every-day outfits is very recommendable, especially during the summer. However, if you’re a bold, imaginative bride who is not afraid to experiment, this season’s colour trend is made for you.

White is always in style when it comes to a big day but what about peach or light blue? Are you ready to be ahead of the times? According to fashion designers different shades are what’s really hot this summer.

Remember that all colours can be incorporated into your wedding look so be playful and have fun with different shades. If you want to take a step forward, you can even mix and match various tones and add small printed details. Nothing is off limits.

Innovative Design

Wedding dresses used to be long and simple. Nowadays the more creative you are, the more admirable your outfit will be. This doesn’t necessarily mean combining all ideas in one. It simply gives you more freedom to choose the perfect dress that expresses your style.

If you’re a sophisticated bride that likes innovative designs, opt for a two-part wedding dress or a crop top set. This combo is original and it looks great on all sorts of body types. Glam up your look with a long lace skirt and a simple long-sleeve top or team a beautiful boho top with a knee-high tulle skirt.

Trendy Cape

Yet another beautiful vintage-inspired design that will make you look elegant and classy on your big day. This simple yet bold detail will make the right statement and help you create a flawless look. It’s also a smart solution for brides who need a cover-up for a traditional church ceremony.

Depending on the design, a cape can be used as a replacement for sleeves or a veil. It’s a fantastic accessory that can be removed at any time to reveal the beautiful details of your dress.

Wedding trends may change every season but not everything that’s fashionable has to suit you. Whichever style you choose make sure that you feel comfortable yet fabulous. After all, it’s your big day.

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