Pampers Dedicates its 50th Anniversary Celebrations to Little Miracle Missions Campaign

2011 is the golden jubilee year of Pampers, unlike other multinational brands which focuses their efforts to endorse brands on golden jubilee celebrations; Pampers unveiled a philanthropic mission i.e. Little Miracle Missions Campaign. The main motive of this program to Celebrate, Support and Protect babies and their families, in addition Pampers wants that parents should “pay it forward” and help others. Pampers kicks off Little Miracle Missions, to serve the little angels little miracles mean little kids.

Pampers Steps towards NICU Units….

1. Pampers 50th birthday celebrations Kicks off Little Miracle Missions at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Pampers continued its 50th birthday celebrations along with the celebrity parents who delivered the care packages to the NICU in the Newyork at Mount Sinai Hospital. As a part of 50th year celebrations, Pampers also conducted a research to take an idea how parenting have evolved in U.S.A since last 5 decades.

2. Pampers along with Graham’s foundation planned to deliver care packages to families whose babies are in 3rd level Neonatal Intensive Care Units. The purpose of this donation is to show care for the newborn and premature babies. In order to complete this mission, employees of pampers will meet to compile care packages and to deliver to local NICU of Good Samaritan Hospital.

Great Words of Jodi Allen

General Manager of Pampers Jodi Allen said, “In the midst of this very exciting milestone, Pampers 50th birthday, we are taking a retrospective look at five decades of parenthood filled with scientific advancements that have fundamentally changed the way we have we become parents. In embracing all of these changes and believing that all babies are little miracles to be celebrated we are so thrilled to unveil our Little Miracle Mission Campaign, which delivers acts of support to families and(hopeful families), while encouraging them to do the same. This is just the start of the amazing things we can do together and at the end of our birthday year; we hope to make this a better world for little miracles now and for years to come”.

According to Pampers, every child is a miracle that happens to their families. Hence, one must value these miracles and should help and support others.

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