Enjoy the Smashing Piñata on Cinco de Mayo with Pepto Bismol

Pepto Bismol’s Cinco de Mayo Piñata campaign has come up with exciting ideas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Pepto Bismol and Busy Phillips shared some ideas so that people could celebrate Cinco de Mayo while sitting on their computers. If you are desperately waiting for Cinco de Mayo and want to celebrate it at your home, you can Smash Piñata on your computer through the videos created by Pepto Bismol. These videos allow you to smash Piñata and have fun; even you can create their own videos of smashing Piñata and can share with your friends online.

To create a smash, first of all you should choose the method of destruction along with the variety of Piñata and type of filling like someone who ever wished to see a ninja provide a round-house jolt to detonate a unicorn piñata packed with guacamole can observe that come to life and share online with the buddies. At all the smash is, you could enjoy the fun with the single click of mouse. You can ask your artiste friend to come and play mariachi composition in your festivity. A part from this you should host a “Guac-off” in office among your colleagues who be firmed that they have the finest recipes. Incase there is any dog park you can adjudicate a Chihuahua challenge at your nearest dog park plus you can get a handful of sombreros and edify your friends about the Mexican hat dance that will make your celebrations more thrilling. Finally, don’t forget to keep the Pepto-Bismol on hand in case those extra nachos do you over.

Actress Busy Philipps celebrates Pepto Bismol’s Cinco de Mayo Piñata campaign; Philipps also shared the way she is going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and said, “I am going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by throwing a mini-themed fiesta, with several trays of mini quesadillas, mini tacos and mini burritos and of course, I’ll be sure that Pepto has my back, ‘cause knowing me, I’ll over-fiesta.”

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