Some Useful Tips and Tricks for Using Facebook

Social networking sites are one of the most favorite sites of many people of the world and some recent surveys regarding people’s behaviors over the internet shows that most of the teenagers and young adults have become addicted to the social networking sites. And it has been shown recently that Facebook has got the first position among the social networking sites these days and in this article some really useful tips and tricks have been discussed which can make your experience of using facebook better and enhanced.

Photo by Old Shoe Woman
Photo by Old Shoe Woman
  1. If you want to update your facebook status without even visiting the main site of Facebook then hellotxt and provides some features that let the administrator to update the status.
  2. Mostly when someone delete or block you, you don’t get informed but a special tool named X-Friend that helps you in tracking friends that disappear from facebook.
  3. If you want to hide some of your friends name in the friend list of your profile then you can do so by clicking the ‘edit’ pencil in the friends box and here show can write the names of your friends and set ‘Always Show these friends’
  4. If you want your blog’s information to be displayed on your Facebook’s profile then there is a tool named Wordbook which allows you to cross-post the updates of the blog on the wall of Facebook.
  5. If you want to access the Facebook chat more conveniently on the desktop than the Gabtastik and digsby are the tools which can let you place the Facebook chat open on your desktop outside the regular browser.
  6. Getting the whole Facebook on your desktop without the help of browser has been made possible by many of the desktop applications such as Seesmic desktop, Facebooker, Facebook sidebar gadget, Scrapboy and Facebook AIR application.

These were some of the very effective tips provided by different tools which can give you a more advance experience of using your favorite social networking site ‘Facebook’.  The tools and applications provided here are easily available over the web and you can search them easily.

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