Tips for Saving Energy At Home

Saving Energy At Home

Saving energy is becoming the major concern of most of the governments of world and the reason being that the world’s reservoirs of coil, oil and gas are getting decreased and these fossil fuels are major source of energy. The need of hour is to cut short the usage of energy and this is the duty of every individual. In this article there are some ways given by which we can save the energy.

  1. The heating and cooling of your home consumes too much energy but you can save it by setting your thermostat as low as possible. And if the heat is ON then close the doors and windows so that the room gets warm soon.
  2. In the warm season keep your windows close during the day time so that sun can’t warm the internal atmosphere of your home and thus the need to switch on the air condition would be reduced.
  3. The use of ventilating fans like those used in kitchen and baths should be maintained and by running one hour a day they can pull maximum of heat outside so don’t use them when not needed.
  4. Heating water requires lots of energy so try to use cold water if possible instead of warming the water for some common household purposes.
  5. You can save energy by cutting the cooking cost and this can be done easily if you start using ovens more than the cook tops. Apart from oven you can also use electric frying pans, toaster ovens and microwaves to save energy.
  6. Replace the old refrigerators as they cost more energy than the newer ones and also close the doors of refrigerators tightly after opening.

These were some of the common things by which you can save energy and don’t feel that your actions have no importance because a single person can make the change. So try to follow these things in your daily life.

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