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Stories Tagged ‘makeup’


Tips for Applying Lipstick

Makeup is one of the basic necessities of every female now days especially of the working women because every woman wants to look beautiful. But there are certain standard rules which should be followed if you want to look graceful and want good compliments for your makeup. Lipstick is one of the parts of makeup which is used more than often as it is not a symbol of fancy looks and it can be ea... More »


Tips for Retaining Natural Look with Makeup

Makeup Tips Makeup is one of the basic thing or procedure which every woman uses for looking beautiful and makeup is an art which many of the women don’t even know at all and putting makeup doesn’t even mean covering your face with cosmetics. Every professional makeup artist suggest that retain the natural look of your face even with carrying makeup because covering your face fully with ma... More »


Different Eye Shapes and Their Makeup

Eye Shapes Eyes are one of the most favorite face’s parts of most of the women and they are also the most expressive facial feature so beautifying the eyes is the main concern of most of the ladies but it’s important that you should know what’s your eye shape and the styles of makeup which will suit best with your eyes. The eye makeup is usually considered as the depiction of ... More »