Tips for Retaining Natural Look with Makeup

Makeup Tips

Makeup is one of the basic thing or procedure which every woman uses for looking beautiful and makeup is an art which many of the women don’t even know at all and putting makeup doesn’t even mean covering your face with cosmetics. Every professional makeup artist suggest that retain the natural look of your face even with carrying makeup because covering your face fully with makeup may make your looks more disastrous than beautiful so proper attention towards your makeup is very much required. For those who don’t know much about makeup achieving the natural looks is necessary because when they will try to use heavy makeup it will start making their looks worst.

Photo by modelinia
Photo by modelinia

In this article I am going to give you some tips which will help your retain the natural looks of your face along with carrying makeup.

  1. First of all buying foundation which is the main thing for any kind of makeup try to test the match of your product with your skin tone by applying against your jaw line and letting it on your face for few minutes. If you are inside the mall then if possible, go to the daylight area and check for the effects.
  2. If your skin has beige tone with a touch of peach or pink, the colors which you should go for are shades of pink, peach and apricot for your lips and cheeks. Cover the blemishes on your face with the application of concealer before the application of foundation. After applying foundation you should go for some more shimmer on your lips and eyes.
  3. If you have skin with olive tone then the best shades for your foundation are warm colors like golden brown, the girls with olive skin type mostly are more oiler than other skin tones so for such skins the shimmery foundation should be avoided. To beauty your lips outline them with a nude-colored lip liner and then apply ip gloss.
  4. If your skin have yellow tones than for a natural looking makeup stay away from pink shads of foundation and stick to the warmer colors with a yellow base. Yellow toned skin tends to be flaky and dry mostly so try to avoid powdered foundation on it. Finish it with a creamed blush in pink shades and use same shades for the lip gloss as well.

These were some of the very easy tips which can help you retain your natural beauty even with carrying makeup. You are not required to be a makeup wiz but a little attention in understanding looks is mainly required.

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