Different Eye Shapes and Their Makeup

Eye Shapes

Eyes are one of the most favorite face’s parts of most of the women and they are also the most expressive facial feature so beautifying the eyes is the main concern of most of the ladies but it’s important that you should know what’s your eye shape and the styles of makeup which will suit best with your eyes.

Photo by fabio stachi
Photo by fabio stachi

The eye makeup is usually considered as the depiction of your mood and it shows your sense of style so a special attention needs to be shifted towards eye makeup. In this article I am going to discuss the common shapes of eyes and the makeup which is best to beautify those shapes.

1. One shape of eyes that is common for most of t5he ladies are the wide-apart-eyes and these eyes tend to give a very youthful appearance to your eyes. Such eyes can be intensified by the dark and strongest makeup near the outer corners of eyes.  The main focus of the makeup should be towards the outer corners either it is putting the liner or eye shadows.

2. Another type of eye shape is the close-set-eyes which have a kind of dramatic look. And the enhancement of this shape can be made by putting color towards the inner corners of the eye. The smoky shadows can be extended towards the outer corners to exaggerate them. The mascara usage should be done hardly for this type of eyes.

3. Evenly-spaced eyes are also a very unique shape of eyes and the specialty of this shape is that many kinds of makeup can be used for such eyes and the best makeup style is the one focusing towards the inner corners.

4. Almond eyes are the most common eye shape of most of the ladies with their upswept lift towards the outer corners.  The intense and deep makeup is considered best for such eye shape. Applying strong liner towards the corners help in beautifying it.

5. Another kind of eyes are the small eyes which are proportionally smaller than the other face features and these eyes can be enhanced by using shimmering eye shades which are pointing out the whole eye. For the small eyes always use the medium toned makeup and soft colored liners for shaping out the whole eye.

6. Another shape not very common is the hooded eyes and these eyes are so that the natural crease in the eyelid is not readily seen. For shaping such eye you need to highlight the brow bone and lining the lash base. Apply the medium to dark colors shadows on the crease and hooded area.

These were some of the common eye shapes which are seen in most of the women of the world and the tips for beautifying can be prove to be very sufficient if you follow them.

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