Tips for Being a Good Boss

Being a boss of a team of people really seems to be an exciting feeling but are you so selfish that you want to enjoy it alone, enjoying your happiness with others will make it double or even more so if you have become leader/manager of other people then make it sure that they also enjoy working under you.

A Boss is always thought to be a creature that carries wrinkles on the forehead and always want to rule others but if you have just entered into this position then being a boss for your subordinates that will create an enjoyable and healthy atmosphere inside the office. Here I am going to give you some tips that will help you in winning the hearts of people and create a productive atmosphere in your office and become the favorite boss of your team.

  • First of all you must try to study the behaviors of the people working under you, if you are a newly hired boss then the new place can be challenging for you and to overcome those challenges try to communicate with the people as much as you can. And if you have reached this position after promotions then you will surely be aware of the people working there, in that case try to be as friendly with those people as you were before bring boss.
  • Make it a rule that whenever you have to praise someone for his work then always praise him in front of others as this will create confidence in him for doing better in future and if you have to criticize someone then your office is the best place as compared to common rooms where everybody is present.
  • Making a long speech on your first day of joining won’t impress your subordinates; try to actually do whatever you are saying otherwise your reputation will be no different from the conventional rude bosses.
  • Trust the other people as it will also boost up confidence in them and if the confidence of working will be developed in them then they will prove to be more productive for your organization.
  • The staff working under you is not out of this world, you must understand that they can do the faults so on your behalf you must not burden a person so much that the chances of doing faults will be increased.
  • A golden rule is that not be too hard or too soft but be just a normal individual, just like being too much hard will distract others from coordinating with you, being too much friendly will also distract them from their work so try to adopt a middle way.

These were some of the tips that can help those bosses who have just joined their jobs and want to be the favorite ones for their team/staff working under them. Just take other people like you and understand the capabilities of others and try to make them work according to that.

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