Tips for Car DVR Selection!

With recent developments, there has been steep rise in available car accessories. One useful tool out of these is the car DVR, even though very few people know about them so far. Read on if you want to understand the basics of car DVR and how can they be useful for you if you ever purchase one.

Starting off, you might be asking what car DVR actually is? Well, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward, it is a device placed inside your car at suitable location for monitoring the activity around the car using audio and video recorders. Usually car DVR’s come in Car DVR as a couple. These two DVR’s can be placed at different angles. They also act as replacement to your front view and rear view mirrors, and they monitor all the activity happening around your car. Those television serials involving road trips make extensive use of them to capture the driver from up close.

 Points to Remember Before Making Purchase

You should give a second look at following points when going to purchase the HD Car Video Recorder for your car’s safety:

  • Budget–This is of course the most important constraint you are put onto. Car DVR should be economical enough to weigh out the functionality. Features offered must be consistent with the price tag of any car DVR. The most efficient way to do this is by researching all the alternatives and comparing their features to price value. If you want to save some money, it might be very helpful to just consider the functions which you will need and eliminate the features you are never going to use.
  • Video Recording Quality–this factor is very important because the recorded video of DVR must be clear enough to identify properly the suspects. Otherwise there is no point to affix DVR at all. Faces of people involved must clearly distinguishable. Apart from the video quality, audio quality should also be reasonable enough. There must be no background noise or interruptions, and listener should be easily hear and understand the sound coming out.
  • Total Video Duration–this is also important factor to consider, because some systems will allow you to record up to just 20 minutes of video, while others will allow you to record videos as long as 3 to 4 hours continuously. If there are short clips of 15 minutes each, they can be very irritating to watch and may confuse the users, while longer clips are much friendlier.
  • DVR Size–Cameras should be small enough that they are hidden from view and no one notices their presence. This is because if they are big they might be inconvenient for the driver and passengers. Large size cameras are also more vulnerable to direct hit from head and may break in turn.
  • Model of the Car–this factor is important in sense that car DVR should just compliment the car size. For smaller cars, 2 to 3 cameras might be enough while for the larger sized vehicles such as safari cars, you may need 5 to 6 cameras for properly covering all the areas of the vehicle.
  • Life of Battery–this factor must be considered well before buying any DVR and battery life should be at least 7 hours. Otherwise you might have to recharge it every now and then before driving the car. Longer battery life might also mean that you can go on longer trips with complete DVR cover. And this may mean that you can have complete record of your trip in case there is any mishap or emergency event.

If you take all above points in consideration, you might be able to buy the perfect DVR for your car.

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