Tips for Cleaning a Microwave

Cleaning Microwave

Cleaning the kitchen and its electronics is the main concern of most of the house wives of the world and this is because these appliances are used at their maximum in the daily routine and if they carry germs and bacteria due to dust and remains of food cooked in them, then the food will carry those germs as well and thus there is a big risk of getting ill. Oven is one of the most commonly used electronic devices of every home and to cook a healthy food oven should be completely clean and the strains of oven are the most difficult to clean.

Photo by Eammon
Photo by Eammon

In this article there are some tips given which can help you in cleaning the hard strains from the surface of your oven.

  • For the best cleaning the internal surfaces of you oven place a bowl full of water in your oven and then run it for 3-5 minutes so that the water completely vaporizes inside and make all the strains a bit moist and thus they will be easy to clean.
  • If you have baking soda at home then in the bowl of water place that baking soda and repeat the process for the same amount of time, the baking soda will act more effectively by acting as deodorizer. After boiling the water soak the sponge in it and clean the external surfaces with it.
  • Another fantastic deodorizer for all this work is vinegar and for that add ΒΌ cup of vinegar in the bowl of water and then place it in oven for 3-5 minutes.

These were some of the very easy steps which can help you in effectively cleaning your oven and removing all the bacteria and germs from it and thus you can assure the health of your family by cooking healthy food in oven.

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