Tips for Persuasive Speech

Persuading people to respond in a particular way is a main logical point behind any speech and everybody wants this result through their speech but most of the times we fail to get this target and the weakness are surely in our talks and ways of expression. There is no standard style of speech that can lead to persuasive attitude of others but if some common things are kept in mind then any speech can turn to persuasive one. In this article some suggestions have been provided to persuade other people on your point so let’s have a look.

  • First of all you should try to gain the attention of all the listeners because if they are not listening to you talks then they can’t understand your point and you can easily gain the attention of even a larger group of people by try some sort of quote or humor that is according to the people you are addressing.
  • Try to create humor relating to the overall purpose of your speech an irrelative or childish kind of joke will not going to help you out in capturing the people’s attention so you have to be decent.
  • You should have a formal structure of your speech that will comprise of starting, middle and then end. This way of talking is appreciated by most of the people because it is very helpful in clearing your point of view in front of others.
  • Be very attentive towards your words and expressions because these will be going to leave your impression on others and a little aggression or harsh attitude can carry all of your speech to nothing.
  • Understand the mood swings of your audience because while your speech the moods of people can swing according to their likings and disliking of your point of view.
  • Use proper hand gestures to make your point of view more clear and attractive.

These were some of the suggestions which if taken care of, can lead your speech towards the persuasive level and people can come to like your point of view. Remember one thing that you need to stay calm throughout your speech even if people don’t seem to be agreeing with your point of view still be cool and change your style of communication according to the interests of your audience.

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