Tips for Improving Focus While Studying

Improving Focus While Studying

If you stay focused and right on track, you will get to where you want to be.” – Michelle C. Ustaszeski

The student life is one of the most fun times in the life of every human because in this time we have to think only about the studies but this thinking only comes when you finish your student life. Being a student one thinks of himself to be the most pitiable person of the world because the burden of assignments and tests seems to be the most difficult to handle thing of the world but when you finish that time period then you realize that it was the best time of your life. I am writing this article for those students who are facing problems of focusing while studying; during my student life I have also faced such situations.

Whenever we start studying then our mind start moving on towards the other unnecessary things like the dress we have to wear on friend’s birthday or the fight between you and your class fellow in the ground and many others like that. Focusing on the studies is really not difficult but strong determination is very much required and here I am going to give you some useful tips that will help you in focusing over the course while studying instead of other things.

  • You have to play very tactically with your brain, just like anything that demands some planning it also requires full mapping of its work. You must tell your mind that for the next 1 or more hours you are going to study and then you’ll take rest. The mind will automatically start focusing on the subject to study and then at the specified time you’ll find out that quite much work has been done and now time to take rest and let the mind go elsewhere.
  • You can use the pen and pencil as concentration tools just point out the subject again and again with your pen or start writing the main points on some paper, you’ll mind will automatically start working on those ideas and thus in the language of computer we can say that the other un-required stuff will go into the pending queue of your mind.
  • You must find out what are the major source of distractions that are taking you away from your studies, the most common distractions that majority of students carries are mobile phone, computer, television even your siblings and other friends and family members. You must study in complete loneliness and put the above mentioned distractions away from you so that no one can disturb you while studying.
  • You can also tackle your mind by thinking of the rewards that you’ll get after successfully completing the exams, the greed of getting a reward will make the mind focus more efficiently over the studies than on the rest of things.
  • The timings of study also matters, you must give the best time of the day to your studies. The time like that of morning is considered best for the studies as in that time you tend to be fresh and active both mentally and physically. Never spare time for studies after having some physical activity like after having some games because at that time the body requires rest and it never lets the mind to concentrate.

So students, these were some of my tips that can affectively help you in focusing over your studies and getting the desirable scores in the tests and exams.

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