Red Lobster Debuts New Design

I came across this article today that said that New England was going places. 700 outlets to be exact. The Red Lobster chain of restaurants is getting a New England restaurant design. That’s interesting considering that the Red Lobster is spread all over the continent. It is supposed to be the largest of the kind of casual dining restaurants which serve seafood. That is not unbelievable considering that this chain employs 6300 people.  I was interested since seafood and interior decorating both fall in my list of favorites and did a google search. Here’s what I found.

The Red Lobster chain of restaurants is a division of the Darden Restaurants Inc which has several other restaurants to its name. But let’s not go into that. The Red Lobster president, Kim Lopdrup declared that since the restaurant s all out for pleasing its guests, their suggestions set the ball rolling for this make over. The architects and interior decorators who have designed the look were selected through a multi year process that involved market surveys and guest focus groups. This group has been working on this project since 2005. I thought it was a long time before I saw the interiors in this video I came across.

The designers have taken inspiration from the coastline and a stone tower has come up to greet the guests. Ship lighting illuminates the Adirondack chairs strewn about outside the establishment. The best is the unique window decals which spell out the food awaiting the guest inside! Quirky isn’t it?! I would sure like to settle down in one and chat up a fellow guest! The interiors exude a certain warmth that compliment the food and service. Warm wood paneling, comfortable and cozy booths, soft lighting – everything that makes me fall in love with a place is present there. The menu seems delicious with old favorite from the Today’s Fresh Menu mingling with new scrumptious additions like Maple- Glazed Salmon and Pecan Crusted Jumbo Shrimp. There is also an option of getting one’s dish prepared by a certified chef! Royal treatment!

The Red lobster chain is set to get revamped by 2014.33% of the outlets will be done by 2011. I can’t wait to dine in Red Lobster a New England restaurant design!

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