Tips to Deal with Premature Birth

Today, premature birth is a very common issue. Change in lifestyle of the parents, change in priorities and planning for  family at a later stage are some of the obvious causes that have given way to premature birth. However, the survival rate associated with premature birth that was very low in the bygone years has considerably increased now.

Medicine and neonatal technology have advanced a lot, and around 80% of the infants born through premature birth are known to survive. However, the fact cannot be ignored that infants born prematurely are confronted with the risk of having one or multiple complications. The complications are known to increase with the more premature birth a baby has.

Premature infants demand special care as they are not equipped to deal with the outside world. Their tiny bodies still have certain areas that are not developed and mature. Some of these areas are skin, immune system, digestive system and lungs.

Below is a list of tips to assist you deal with premature birth and take proper care of your baby –

  • Do not hesitate to place your baby in neonatal intensive care unit. Neonatal intensive care unit will give your baby a protected environment. The units are usually equipped with respiratory equipment, resuscitation equipment, alarm systems, caring staff and 24 hour laboratory service. Many units also allow the mother to be at the side of the child. Instead of getting scared, cooperate with the staff and try to know the function of the machines. In addition, try to participate in the operations of the neonatal intensive care unit.
  • Premature babies grow at a faster pace than the normal babies but for this, they may require the best nutrition which is breast milk. However, breast feeding a premature infant is very difficult as they may be inside an incubator, and it may be tough for their small mouths to latch on. Instead, of being upset, pump your milk and allow the staff to feed the baby through a bottle.
  • Moreover, once you and your baby are back to your home, allow him to develop at his own pace. Do not expect him to be a quick as the other babies.

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