“Vasectomy Reactions” Video is an Attempt to Create Awareness

Essure is an undeviating contraception course of action that works with the body to generate usual barricade against pregnancy. This practice can be performed in doctor’s office in couple of minutes without going under general anesthesia. The makers of Essure show why men do not want vasectomies? released a funny video. Men were asked about the vasectomy as a permanent birth control options for them. All the men were hesitant and responded in a hilarious way through facial expressions and gestures. None, among them was willing to bear the pain of surgery.

Essure video shows reactions of watching a vasectomy, Dr Cindy Basinski said, “Men’s reaction in the video didn’t surprise me at all, my patients and even more, so their husbands are very reluctant, to undergo surgery as birth control method. That’s why Essure is such a great solution for couples, whose families are complete. I perform Essure Procedure right in my office, in less than 10 mins and women are normally back to their routine work that same day. Every body is happy that there is non-surgical hormone free option that both husbands and wives can get behind”. Essure wanted to create consciousness among couples that there is a better option for them if they want to avoid the unplanned pregnancy.

Essure procedure is ideal birth control procedure for women, whose families are complete. Essure procedure has been approved by the FDA since 2002. It is 99.8% effective, zero percent pregnancies were reported from first four years of clinical data. Essure procedure is marketed by the Conceptus Inc. which is famous company in design, development and marketing of innovative solution in women health care. Executive Vice President of Marketing at Conceptus said, “We wanted a new way to reach both men and women about the subject of permanent birth control, by creating this video we hope to start conversations and inform couples about their birth control options”.

Essure procedure is far better than Vasectomy as birth control option. Essure procedure is permanent and not reversible. Hence only those couples, who are sure that they do not want children in future, should go for it.

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